Hi, my name is Prashant Chaudhari. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and have Masters in Computer Applications. I love exploring technology, creating & developing anything that fascinates my mind. Avid open source and gadget lover. I have 11+ years of experience in web technologies and currently head operations at Fifth Dimension Technologies

I have always liked solving most complex problems and will keep doing it.

Most college students feel stiff struggle learning programming logic in college days. “101 Programs to Build Your Programming Logic Step by Step”, was built to help you build basic concepts of control structures, conditional statements and so on. Programs are written for basic to advance logic building. These programs have been personally written by me 8-9 years back in my graduation days and were quite helpful to me and all my friends. I hope you all too find them useful. Cheers!

What we deal?

Kodegod.com, which started just as a blog and I uploaded these programs on it, to which I received a great response. However, I felt text and just mere programs are not enough hence I and my team planned is a video based eLearning portal.

Who we are?

Kodegod.com is intellectually backed by few geeks :), who love technology and automation, dream technology and hate redundancy.