Where can I ask, doubts related to course module?

Most of the course lectures have detailed explanation however, we have still created a community on Facebook so that questions can be summarised and the same place. If you still have additional doubts you can reach us by writing to info@kodegod.com

Most college students feel stiff struggle learning programming logic in college days. “101 Programs to Build Your Programming Logic Step by Step”, was built to help you build basic concepts of control structures, conditional statements and so on. Programs are written for basic to advance logic building. These programs have been personally written by me 8-9 years back in my graduation days and were quite helpful to me and all my friends. I hope you all too find them useful. Cheers!

Can I access course for free?

Yes, we are provided initial few modules for free so that you can get Idea of detailing and portal environment, if you are happy with the free lessons you can ten purchase rest of the lessons by purchasing whole course.

Can I share my account with my friends?

This is one is tricky for both of us, whole courseware is personalized it tracks your status of learned lessons and ensures that you are redirected to next lesson automatically. Hence sharing the courseware with others will break your learning cure.

We also want to stress on the point about amount of effort our whole teams put in to create quality content, and hence business done on the portal is what keeps us going.

On the positive side, we strongly encourage you to share the website with your friends so that they can create their separate account and hence learn with you and be part of the online community.

I am not able to access the full course. How do you get the access back?

All courses at kodegod.com have validity date. If your validity date is crossed, and you still want to use the course you should buy the course again.

I am not able to access my account

Ensure you have completed your registration and verified your email account. If that is correctly done and you do not remember your password, you can reset the password using “Forgot Password” link from login page. Enter your registered email and a password reset link will be sent to you on that email address.

Where can I ask further questions?

You can always write to us at info@kodegod.com for further assistance.