Introduction to programming

A code block for C Program

Format Specifiers

Your First Program

Character sets and Constants

Basic Datatypes, int, float and char


Basic Operators

Arithmetic Instructions

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Program to calculate Area of Circle and Triangle

Program for Calculating Simple Interest

Program for calculating Square and Cube

Program to SWAP two numbers

Program to calculate total and average

What are escape sequences

Drawing a tree using escape sequences

What are decisions and how computer processes it

Syntax for Decision Control Structure

Program for larger number

Program to check number is positive or not

Program to check number is greater than 10

Number even or odd

Program to check whether number is divisible by 5

To check whether number is multiple of 7

Comapre two numbers

Logical Operators

Ascending and Descending order of 3 numbers

Program for Quadratic Equation

Print grade based on marks of a student

Program to find marriage eligibility

Conditional Operators

Why do we need loops

Understanding DO-WHILE and WHILE loops

Comparison between WHILE and Do-WHILE loop

Increment and Decrement Operators

Print N numbers in sequence

Print N numbers in reverse order

Print first N even numbers

Print N odd numbers

Print reverse of a number

Calculate sum of a number

Check number is Armstrong or not

How for loop work?

Print Table of given number

Calculate the sum of given number

Pattern programming theory

Print square shape of * symbol

Print Left bottom triangle of * symbol

Print Left top triangle of * symbol

Print Right top triangle of * symbol

Print Right bottom triangle of * symbol

Print upper triangle of * symbol

Print lower triangle of * symbol

Print diamond shape of * symbol

Print Left bottom triangle of numbers - vertical repetation

Print Left bottom triangle of numbers - horizontal repetation

Print upper triangle pattern of Alphabets

Print left top right top pattern of of alphabets

Print left bottom triangle of integers with integer at end

Factorial of a number using for loop

Check number is prime or not

Print prime numbers within range

Print Fibonacci series

Print all digits,alphabets using loops

Print factorial series

Calculate Average of given numbers

Print ASCII chart using loop

Print Rectangular pattern shape

Print full rectangular pattern using loop

Goto keyword

Break and Continue kewords

Syntax of Case Control Structures

Case control structures in more detail

Print integers in words using switch case

Print numbers in words in reverse order using switch case control

Arithmetic operations based on users choice

What are functions?

Parameterized functions

Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and Division using functions

Print factorial,prime or not and fibnacci series using functions

Calculate square and cube of a number using functions

Arrays in Theory

Single Dimensional Arrays

Accept array elements and reprint it

Print array elements in reverse order

Print addition of array elements

Print Fibonacci series using arrays

Print max and min from an given array

Print positive and negative elements of an array

Print array in ascending or descending order

Multi Dimensional Arrays

Accept M x N matrix and reprint it

Add two M x N array matrices

Add array elements of two-dimensional arrays

Add main diagonal elements of matrix

Addition of upper triangle of matrix elements

Addition of lower triangle of matrix

Multiplication of matrices

Print Transpose of a matrix

What are pointers?

Using pointers

Call by value and call by reference

Swap two numbers using parameterised functions

Scope of a variable

What is recursion

Fibonacci series using recursive function

Factorial of number using recursive function

Passing arrays to function

What is a string?

Inbuilt functions for strings

What are ASCII characters?

Print string in reverse,its length,in uppercase,lowercase and copy into another string

Count alphabets, digits and symbols from a given string

Compare two strings

Concatenate two strings

Calculate Length of string

Copy a string from another string

Convert a string into upper case

Convert a string into lower case

Join two strings

Count alphabets, digits and symbols from a given string witout using inbuilt function

Compare two strings without using inbuilt functions

Count Vowels from given string

Reverse a string

Check string is Pallindrome or not

What are Structures?

Example on structures, Program to create Employee, store values and reprint

Array of a structure, theory and an example

Structure within a structure: Theory and an example

What are file operations?

Program to read and write contents to a file character by character

Program to read and write contents to a file line by line

Merge two files into third file

Command line arguments

Programs on command line arguments

More datatypes

More escape sequences

Type casting


Bitwise operators